“There are no secrets to do what I do.
The wine that I produce is the fruit of the work done with my hands
and the stubborn bond with this arduous yet sweet land.
For me, it is a privilege”.

“I do everything by hand and this is my strength: The grapes that I cultivate grow amongst beauty, but that doesn’t mean that it’s easy. Every day the hills of Santo Stefano offer my eyes an emotional spectacle even though it implies climbing on foot to the ridge, turning the soil by hand, scything the grass without machinery, loading the crates of grapes onto my shoulders, all of which was learnt from my father Ambrosia, born in 1926, and as done by his great-grandfather Vittore, whose given nickname was Garbara, which in local dialect indicates harsh and dry land.


Bound by this special relationship between the location’s beauty and the heroic cultivation, Prosecco and Cartizze is born, and I love defining with a phrase, ‘only for the few’.


Yes, my wine is ‘only for the few’, not just because our production has been limited to a few thousand bottles per year over four generations, but also because I choose to make wines that don’t seek to satisfy every palate and that break the rules. From here the classic method, wines with very low sugar content, arriving at zero with the new Cartizze Brut: wonderful interpretative possibilities offered by grapes that I cultivate with passion and admiration”.


Mirco Grotto